No other international sporting event is as mesmerising as FIFA Football World Cup. Starting as early as in the year 1930 in Uruguay, over all these years the FIFA mega-event has grown hugely in popularity. The idea of “bringing all the strongest national football teams of the world together on a platform to compete for the crown of the World Champions” has been accredited to a group of French football administrators led by Jules Rimet around the year 1920. The original trophy had Jules Rimet’s name engraved on it and it witnessed the event three times in the 1930’s until it was put on hold for a good 12 years owing to the Second World War. On resuming itself, the FIFA World Cup soon proceeded to become unquestionably the greatest and the biggest sporting event of the modern world.

Since 1958 it used to be held in Europe and the Americas alternatively. Though in May 1996, the executive committee decided to explore new horizon by selecting Korea and Japan as co-hosts for the WC-2002 breaking new ground.

An interesting fact about the FIFA World Cup is that since its beginning, only 7 winners have emerged out of all the 16 tournaments. However, there are also numerous dramatic surprises which have played their part in the footballing history. For example – the defeat of England by the United States in 1950, Italy’s defeat by North Korea in 1966, the emergence of Cameroon in the 1980s and so on.

Presently, a huge global audience is under the spell of FIFA World Cup. All the passing years have come with many changes and challenges for FIFA but its focus has remained unchanged which is its glimmering golden trophy, every footballer’s ultimate fantasy!

Interesting facts about FIFA 2014

  • It is the most expensive World Cup ever to be held so far.
  • It is the first World Cup ever to have a Goal-Line Technology!
  • It is the second time ever that Brazil will host a World Cup, to become the fifth such country, who hosted for a second time!
  • Five Brazilian World Cup Champions are part of the local organizing committee.
  • 25 referees will officiate the 2014 world cup
  • The world cup will be broadcast live all over the World.
  • It took as many as 36 Years for South America to host a World Cup again.
  • It is for the first time ever that two consecutive World Cups won’t be hosted in Europe.
  • The only countries, which have never won a World Cup match till date are Honduras, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 17 Cities expressed interest in being A FIFA World Cup 2014 Host City
  • The official 2014 World Cup Song is called ‘We Are One’
  • The official 2014 World Cup Anthem is called as ‘Dar um Jeito’ (‘We Will Find A Way’).
  • A teenager suffering paraplegia will take the first World Cup kick for the 2014 FIFA games.
  • Referees will be allowed to stop matches for around 2-3 times owing to bad weather conditions.
  • The winning song of the World Cup Brazil Sony contest has been performed by Ricky Martin, whereas Shakira has recorded another World Cup song.
  • The FIFA World Cup Trophy plunged into a 267 Day Journey.
  • A record number of volunteer applications were received for this year’s FIFA.
  • FIFA has international and national sponsors and supporters
  • Lionel Messi is ‘the most expensive player’ for the World Cup 2014
  • Brazil is ‘the most expensive team’ for the World Cup 2014
  • This year’s World Cup champions will win an amount of US$35 million.
  • The players will be banned from showing any messages under their football shirts by FIFA
  • Ronaldo might lose his record of 15 world cup goals in this World Cup.
  • Germany will be playing their 100th match in the World Cups while playing with Portugal